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Hi there music loving friends,

Thanks for joining us as we embark on that exciting, (and usually somewhat harrowing) journey of crowdfunding a recording project!

A few years ago we asked you to partner with us to create "The Subject Tonight Is Love". You really showed up for us, and the resulting project we created together was honored with a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Recording!  THANK YOU!

"WHAT TO WEAR IN THE DARK" is music that has been emerging from within me for many years - through loss  of home, health and tribe - through crisis of culture, of body, and soul. It's music to awaken, grieve, accept, take risks, and GROW to...the darkness and potentiality inside the butterfly chrysalis...a soundtrack to the search for purpose, power and illumination within. The firefly’s wondrous evolutionary trait of bioluminescence represents the inner light, resilience and peace of learning to say YES to life’s winding journey of blessings and challenges.

Many of the songs have been with me since childhood...songwriters Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, George Harrison, Leonard Cohen, Steely Dan. With the help of Keith Ganz, sublime guitarist and my partner of 16 years, we've completely reset these iconic songs, providing contemporary musical contexts that resonate with meaning - creating anthems of triumph over darkness. 
Due to the vagaries of the current business model, musicians have few avenues for generating profit to help with creating and sharing new works. We are so fortunate to be partnering with the wonderful Grammy winning label Resilience Music Alliance for distribution once we complete the recording, but right now WE NEED YOU to help us create "WHAT TO WEAR IN THE DARK"! Your contribution and partnership will enable us to pay for studio, engineering and musician fees as well as editing, mixing, and mastering of this new music.  

You can pre-order a download of the music, a physical CD, or any number of unique musical or creative partnership experiences.  Please scroll down to the crowd-funding 'store' where you can pre-order or become a Power Partner for making  

I am so grateful for and buoyed by your love and support over the past 35 years of my professional career. Through coming to live shows, listening to our music, sharing it with friends and family, and helping us crowd fund new music, you've been an important part of my world. I know firsthand that it takes a village to become who we are meant to be. Thanks for being part of my tribe and letting me be part of yours! LETS  MAKE STUFF!

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1. What is the release date for What To Wear In The Dark? How long will the campaign run?

 We plan to release in early spring of 2021. We'll have an exact date in the next few months. The crowdfunding campaign will run For 6 weeks - from March 9th - April 16th. 

2. How much money are you trying to raise and what will you use it for?

We are looking to raise $15K  which will be used directly for the music production costs - recording studio fees for audio and video, engineer and musician fees, overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering fees. The wonderful label Resilience Music Alliance has agreed to release the project once we have completed it. They will take care of physical production and distribution costs.

3. What is this crowdfunding format? I haven't heard of it before..

We are using Bandzoogle's own crowdfunding platform that comes with their web hosting. One great thing about using their platform is that we won't have to pay any % of the money you give us. All of your money will go directly to music production! Also, this platform doesn't require that we meet the goal before allowing your support to be utilized. We are able to use the funds right away to pay for the recording costs.

4. When and where are you recording?

Initial tracking for What To Wear In The Dark will be on March 12th and 13th at Teaneck Sound Studios in NJ. We will have subsequent studio sessions in California.




when using PayPal please select the friends and family option -Thanks!

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Choose a song from my catalog that you would like to hear during a live show. We'll play it just for you or for someone you love and thank you from the stage for helping us make WHAT TO WEAR IN THE DARK a reality. Includes a digital download

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Guest VIP seating at the show of your choice. You'll be honorary band members for the night. A personal thank you from the stage, Pre or post gig cocktail, band hang in the green room or at the bar, photos or signed set list to commemorate the fun. GREAT GIFT Idea. Includes digital download and 2 signed CDs.

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HOUSE CONCERT with Kate and Keith
  • HOUSE CONCERT with Kate and Keith
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A house concert in your home with Kate and Keith. Contributor pays travel if not within 60 miles of an already scheduled tour stop. It's your night! You can choose the songs you want to hear. Invite friends or family. Includes 1 copy of CD and digital download.

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Be the superhero on our production team! See video footage from recording sessions, hear alternate takes, and tracks before they become available to the general public. Open pass to any of the studio sessions. INCLUDES VIP CONCERT EXPERIENCE FOR TWO, Prominent credit on CD Artwork, plus Digital download.

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