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WHAT WE SING Four 75-minute webinars 1pm EST on Tuesdays in April with Luciana Souza, Theo Bleckmann, and Kare McGarry Sharing our personal and complementary concepts:~ 4/6. How we sing - Embodied Singing 4/13. What we sing - Content and Consciousness 4/20. Why we sing - Discipline and the Art of Patience 4/27. Keep on Singing - Voice and Artistry realized


Living Jazz 6 wk Resilience Project

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The Living Jazz Resilience Project is a new 6-week initiative designed to help you:

Reconnect with Community

Reinvigorate Creativity and Health

Ignite Motivation, Inspiration, and Joy

Be part of a weekly community focused on the cornerstones of creativity, health, and resilience. You will engage with one another around creative projects, music, reading, writing, exercise, cooking, personal expression, exploration, and more. Participants will be organized into 6-member teams paired with a well-known artist who is ready to share their personal and creative process while providing guidance as we all regain inspiration, health, and vitality together. All Resilience Project participants have the chance to meet weekly before moving into separate breakout rooms with the same team mentor and team members for the full 6 weeks. No one turned away for lack of funds. Scholarships available.

Masterclass for Jazz Vocal Alliance of Japan - The Essence of Jazz Rhythm

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