I invite you to step into the voice studio, a place of growth and safety, to experience the power and magic of your own voice. It’s an honor to help singers work towards their musical goals.

Reflections on teaching vocal technique:

The vocal technique I teach is called Somatic Voicework™The LoVetri Method. I have worked directly with the founder, Jeanie LoVetri since 2003. Though I had been singing professionally for 20 years before meeting her, it was only in working with Jeanie that my voice really began to grow, to open, and be able to tell stories with a wider color palette and a full range of emotions. As my voice grew so did my career. I found myself being called upon to sing in many more challenging capacities and was thrilled by my increase in range, flexibility, strength, and depth of emotional expression.

As a teacher, I have found that the methods I learned from Somatic Voicework™ can help anyone learn to sing with more ease, freedom, strength, and JOY. I have fallen in love with the human voice.

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What is Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method?

Here are some of the basic tenets of Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method in Jeanie’s words:

“Somatic VoiceworkTM works holistically. It respects the singer, the singer’s body, the awareness the singer has (which changes) and the attitude of the singer toward the music they want to sing. It respects voice science (which is always on-going and changing) as well as concepts found in voice medicine and speech language pathology. It rests upon traditional vocal pedagogy concepts (taken largely from classical pedagogy) and professional speech training, and also highly values marketability. It marries the ineffable art of singing with the scientific grounding found in objective measures. It assumes that all teachers of singing are interested in long-term growth and in constant learning. It discourages anyone thinking there is “one right way” from teaching. It also discourages methods that violate what is known and accepted about how the brain and body operate. We do not “move the vocal folds” like we move a finger. We do not move the structures deep inside the throat deliberately. Somatic Voicework™ acknowledges that vocal mastery takes a long time (years) but that vocal progress can occur in every lesson. It has created and is building a community of like- minded individuals who see teaching as a loving service.”

Topics We Can Explore


  • Register development (Chest, Head and Mixed Registration)
  • Releasing constriction in the throat and swallowing muscles
  • Development of breath control
  • Increasing range, strength, flexibility, ease
  • Vocal Health and maintenance for older voices


  • Rhythm and harmony
  • Improvising
  • Using jazz embellishments
  • Arranging
  • Scat singing
  • Lyric interpretation
  • Repertoire
  • Writing charts
  • Career

Reflections on Teaching Jazz

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Afro American Music and Jazz from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1985. My primary professor was Scholar of Black Sacred Music Dr. Horace Boyer. I also had the good fortune to study with master teachers including Archie Shepp, Dr. Billy Taylor, Max Roach, and author and civil rights icon James Baldwin.

The understanding I came away with from my education has only been reinforced as the decades pass. Though it invites and enfolds ALL people of the world into its ever growing and evolving community; Jazz is an art form created from the blood, the sweat, and the tears of African American culture. It is a gift of their genius, their determination, and deep connection with Spirit. The music requires the aspirant to develop authentic connection with the body, instincts, rhythm; to listen deeply to the great masters who created the art form, while simultaneously developing one’s own voice and path of creative expression. It requires dedication and patience and curiosity to develop one’s voice into a skilled instrument that can sing stories of the full range of the human experience using the language of jazz. I will forever be a student of jazz and I love working with students as they investigate this path.

Student Testimonials

I was lucky enough to be in Kate McGarry's vocal intensive class, and that was transformative. Partly because of all she knows - all the warmups and vocal exercises and her consummate musicianship - but also because of her huge heart and tender way of teaching. She made each person in that class believe in him/herself. She saw the best in each of us, and helped us to bring that out. She was already one of my favorite vocalists ever. Now she's also one of my favorite teachers and humans. I am so, so, so grateful.
~ Aviva Diamond

You changed my life. You opened me up in a way I didn’t know I needed. My music will be forever different because of the vulnerability you showed and the gracious gift you shared with me.
~ Kaytie Holt

I invite you to step into the voice studio, a place of growth and safety, to experience the power and magic of your own voice.