The Subject Tonight is Love

Kate McGarry / Keith Ganz / Gary Versace

Album release year: 2018
Label: Binxtown Records

Produced by Keith Ganz, Kate McGarry, and Gary Versace

Sample Tracks

Track Listing

  1. Prologue: The Subject Tonight Is Love
  2. Secret Love
  3. Climb Down / Whiskey You're The Devil
  4. Gone With The Wind
  5. Fair Weather
  6. Playing Palhaço
  7. Losing Strategy
  8. My Funny Valentine
  9. Mr. Sparkle / What A Difference A Day Made
  10. She Always Will / The River 11) Indian Summer
  11. Epilogue: All You Need Is Love


Kate McGarry – vocals (piano on track 7)
Keith Ganz - guitars, bass guitar (drums on track 12)
Gary Versace - piano, accordion, keyboards
Ron Miles - trumpet (track 12)
Obed Calvaire - snare drum (track 3)

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